Monday, June 29, 2015


All Art
is quite useless. -Oscar Wilde

collage  bfk 11x15

collage  bfk rives 11x15

climbing the mountain

You just keep climbing, at least that's my take on's like going up and down the dunes in Michigan...with each step you sink and slide and just hope you'll get there...
And you do.  Eventually.

ink+dye  bfk rives 11x15

ink + dye  rives bfk 11x15

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Life is too short

life is too short 
probably because it is so young

collage  bfk rives 11x15

collage  bfk rives 11x15

painting stuff

no great artist sees things
as they really are
If he did he would cease to be an artist. -Oscar Wilde

ink dye bfk rives 11x15

ink dye  bfk rives 11x15

Thursday, June 25, 2015

they seem messy

or maybe just lost
or just amateur
or nothin maybe

collage, acrylic, ink and pencil  bfk rives 11x15

collage  bfk rives 11x15

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

more of that stuff

It can't be helped. It accumulates...masses of it.
And then it has to be used somehow.

collage and ink  bfk rives 11x15

collage & ink  bfk rives 11x15

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

you sometimes wonder least I do.  I was reading casually this rather thick book  about Robert Rauchenberg...and I wondered as I often do, which of this vast collection of works might be his favorite?  And this book I think let me know.  It would say from his private collection...not many times.  but enough.

from his private collection
ink  bfk rives 11x15

ink  bfk rives 11x15

a beautiful quote

Often I wish I could put in here a beautiful quote of my would sing with resonance, it would dance with implied complexity, and of depth and compassion would have no comparison...the sort of thing that could sit you down...allow you muse openly and drift into the universe of dreaming thought...well, not today of course. we all have things to do...but maybe someday.

ink  bfk rives 11x15

ink  bfk rives 11x15

Friday, June 19, 2015

here I am

I think I've messed something up...I can't find any of the old photographs and of these I could barely figure out how to get them on and off lightroom...boy it looks like it may be a bad scene man...but I don't know for sure yet...I am not so wise with these computers...or maybe they are not so wise yet...?

But I'm glad to be back with you...!  How are you anyway...?  You know it's interesting...I've been trying to get more amateur...and then I can't develop them all of a sudden, my computer jams up, and it all seems to join amateur with me...whada ya know?

ink pencil watercolor  bfk rives 11x15

ink  bfk rives 11x15

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


a sticker painting
what can be better?

made at home

so these are a part of the ongoing made at home series...I do them when the other stuff gets to be too intense for me and I simply need pieces that are quieter...

ink watercolor  bfk rives 11x15

collage  bfk rives 11x15

Saturday, June 13, 2015


it's like organized disorganization
or playing wrong right
and it gets to you emotionally.
-Charlie Mingus

collage  bfk rives 11x15

collage  bfk rives 11x15


A subject emerges in the interaction
between my self, my I, and my medium...
-Robert Motherwell

collage  bfk rives 11x15

collage  bfk rives 11x15

Thursday, June 11, 2015

hard to photograph

really I don't know why
but these gray crazy achromatic colors
are tough for me to photograph
but I enjoy making them

collage and ink
bfk rives 11x15

collage and ink
bfk  rives 11x15

they're nicer...really

I go well if they are nicer, then
take a nicer photo
Well I tried. a couple times
this was the best I could get
Im sorry

japanese paper ink and rubber on
rives bfk 11x15

mixed  bfk rives 11x15

mixed  bfk rives 11x15

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

long ago

funny, these seem like they are from a long time ago
I guess it won't take long until that's true.

ink  bfk rives 11x15

ink  bfk rives 11x15

Sunday, June 7, 2015

eerie muses

they seem like eerie muses 
to me

ink  bfk rives 11x15

ink  bfk rives 11x15


the state of finding it hard 
to get out of bed 
in the morning

ink  bfk rives 11x15

ink  bfk rives 11x15

Friday, June 5, 2015

messy messy

When I first finished these I thought they were messy
Now I don't
I wish they were

collage bfk rives 11x15

collage  bfk rives 11x15

I wonder whats on next after this

I saw the most wonderful truck
It was called a vacor
and it looked not like a truck 
but like a shiny giant industrialized
vacuum cleaner
with pipes and tubes and vacuums
all over it

ink  bfk rives 11x15

ink  bfk rives 11x15